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CD player: It has the mechanism that picks up the signal is actually analog, even in the case of digital playback of a CD. Therefore, the accuracy quality of the transmission mechanism has an important effect on the accuracy of the digital signal and thus of the reproduced sound. While, the unit has a USB port and can access MP3 and WMA files saved in the USB device. Connect the USB device to the USB port on the front panel of the unit.

  • Quiet charger with high precision CD drive
  • Differential D / A converter for high precision conversions with minimal noise
  • Aluminum front panel
  • Pure Direct for a short and direct signal path
  • USB port on front panel
  • Front panel USB port and MP3 and WMA file compatibility
  • Gold-plated output terminals
  • Playback of CD-R / RW, MP3 and WMA discs


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