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Designed by David Lewis, BeoLab 12 is inspired by the mathematical curve of a sine wave. The flat, tapered edges make each speaker appear incredibly thin when viewed from the side, while the curved profile still provides the space needed for an extraordinary acoustic performance. An added touch of elegance to your flat screen or wall-mounted television.

Extended, clear reach

Acoustic Lens Technology directs audio clearly in a 180 ° horizontal arc within the room. By minimizing reflections from the floor or ceiling, Bang & Olufsen 's vision technology creates the best possible acoustic experience, expanding the speaker's sweet spot range in the room with an incredible sense of space and realism.


When mounted on the wall, BeoLab 12 increases the performance of the rear bass by bouncing it off the walls. This not only reduces perceptible distortion, but also keeps the aluminum front of BeoLab 12 sharp and uninterrupted. Mounted on a floor stand away from the wall, the slider at the rear set to “free position” initiates bass enhancement.

Advanced internal logic

BeoLab 12 features dual band Adaptive Bass Linearisation which takes coil measurements and digital signal processing algorithms to protect against distortion or damaging bass boost.


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