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Improve the quality of life with our products


Home automation aims to improve the quality of life of the user, to simplify and make it more comfortable
the use of technologies.

Light control, temperature control, audio and video, irrigation, load control, video surveillance and much more are integrated into a single system interface that the user can control from multiple devices, even outside the home.

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The audio diffused in the house is managed intelligently.

Through an app ostia for smartphones and tablets it is possible to control ignition, shutdown and
volume for single zone or groups of zones.

For each zone it is possible to select one of a wide choice of sources, traditional such as CD players or turntables, or digital such as the streaming platforms Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

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Anything is possible, even having a home cinema.
The right combination of audio and video allows us to transport ourselves
at the cinema or in the most famous theaters directly from home.
Thanks to the technology of the best brands in the sector, the solutions are endless: invisible speakers, oled and laser projection screens are just some of the new trends for the creation of Home Theater and Home Cinema.

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