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Improving the quality of work and optimizing consumption are the fundamental principle of our proposals


Multimedia and technology are increasingly supporting art in engaging the visitor:
Audio and video multimedia stations, holographic screens, interactive touchscreens, mobile apps and Virtual Reality.

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The design and construction of audio video systems in places of worship is a very complex challenge due to the particular architectural characteristics. Only with an accurate acoustic design is it possible to have an efficient and well-sized system.

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In a hotel, the home automation system has two purposes:

the supervision and control of the structure by the management and the control of the rooms by the end users.

The first provides the structure with total control of the building and the associated services. This translates into optimization of clichés and energy savings.

The customer, on the other hand, has a graphic interface with which he can control lights, curtains, climate, TV, audio, room service, booking services, etc. All this allows him to use all the services in maximum comfort.

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The Smart Office concept introduces a new model of multipurpose room, where, in addition to being a meeting place, it integrates new technologies at the service of work.

Imagining a complete smart office system we can see a space where you have the possibility to enter into a videoconference with anyone, anywhere in the world, with any device including notebooks, smartphones and tablets. Where you can present graphics and documents on a shared monitor simply using your devices.

The exchange of data and information becomes immediate.

Incontro di gruppo, riunione di squadra


From the presentation of financial statements to the explanation of commercial strategies, the meeting room is used on various occasions.

Here, audio management, microphones and presentation devices must be designed according to needs and spaces.

By implementing the right technology, it can also become a multipurpose room. Configured to measure, the conference room also becomes a smart office, and more can cope with all the required usage models.

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The purpose of the Smart Building is the monitoring and automation of all systems within it, in order to optimize consumption, reduce management costs and to allow employees to work in an intelligent and efficient way.

Furthermore, with the remote control everything is easier. With the latter it is possible to manage thermoregulations, lighting, video surveillance, accesses and much more of your company, in the palm of your hand.


From the design of audio and video systems,

to the lights for the stage.

From acoustic insulation to the choice of seats.

Audio, video, design, comfort are some of the ingredients we use for the design of theaters and cinemas.

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